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Casa Prestige - Our Premium Orangery Style Conservatory

Featuring a stunning glass roof supported by ornate columns, the Casa Prestige is a best seller due to it's affordability, superior thermal insulation, and attractive look. 

Incorporating our Loggia narrow columns, Prestige insulating pelmet and LivinLight, our Casa Prestige range addresses the three main heat loss areas in a standard conservatory, and improves not just the look, but the thermal performance and efficiency of your extension.

These features enable the room to remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter, leading to a reduction on heating bills of up to 30% (when compared to a standard conservatory).

*Model only available in sizes: 3x3, 3.5x3, 4x3, 3.5x3.5, 4x3.5 and 4x4. Model is exempt from all other conservatory offers due to the discount available which is only available on this model.

Upgrade options

Premium upgrade

Building on the Prestige range, the Loggia Premium incorporates a LivinRoom perimeter ceiling, further enhancing both the thermal performance and visual elegance of your Loggia. Finished off with Leekes’ contemporary Classic Roof, it delivers the same orangery look with LivinRoom on the inside, and our Classic Cornice on the outside, to add a striking finishing touch to your roofline. Finally, our Loggia Premium helps tackle spiralling heating costs through the use of our integrated, wirelessly controlled electrical panel radiant heaters, seamlessly fitting into the full height of the wide columns that replace traditional masonry piers, providing more than half the heat you’ll need in winter, thus reducing your heating bill.

Ultimate upgrade

Fusing all the added elements of Loggia Premium and Prestige, Loggia Ultimate adds the ultimate roofing solution to your new extension, the realRoof, by Leekes. Vaulted ceilings give an even more spacious feel on the inside, while the outside is finished with tiles or slates specifically selected to match your existing home, making a seamless transition into your new extension. Loggia Ultimate allows for the integration of expansive sliding or bi-folding doors, and whole elevations of glazing. With Loggia Ultimate, you have total control of the design and layout of your new living space, and all the lighting options you desire.

Wall Options

Choosing dwarf walls or more glass will determine how your conservatory feels and looks from both the inside and your garden. Matching brick work can be provided to make your conservatory appear to be the part of the original build. Glass will create a lighter, brighter space and there is also always the option to combine both to create your own desired effect.

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Door Options

Compliment and connect your indoor and outdoor space.
Whether your choice is based on practicality, or making the most out of your garden we have an ideal solution available, choose from Bi-Fold, Patio or French Doors. 

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