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Casement windows are the most popular uPVC replacement window choice offering homeowners across the country improved security, superior energy efficiency and good looks lasting well into the future. With hundreds of design options available such as decorative glass, Georgian and Astragal Bars and Mock Horns, casement windows can be tailored to give your home that unique new look you have in mind. Whether you choose timber casement windows for a warmer look or the uPVC casement windows for their strength and low-maintenance features, they can be easily fitted into any window space to become an integral part of your home’s character.


Excellent Performance: The A rated casement window frames in our range are designed for thermal efficiency which means your home will offer you a quieter and warmer environment while demanding less energy. Each uPVC casement window is also made with Q-Lon gaskets which are the world’s number one gasket for the best weather and soundproofing.

Safety & Security: For your peace of mind and security, our casement windows are fitted with some of the highest security technology available on the market and have a minimum of 8 locking points on any opener. Ask about our £1000 security guarantee on all of our uPVC windows.

Designs to Fit Any Home: Achieve a subtle design or go for that distinctive look. Our range of colours and finishes for casement windows gives you plenty of options so you can find the one that will fit the character of your home perfectly

Classic & Modern Colours: Add personality to your casement window frames with our vast colour palette. From cream to Chartwell green, grey, rosewood and golden oak, you’ve got plenty of choices to make your style statement.

Built to Your Specification: Whatever style or dimensions you need, our casement windows can be designed to match any property. With so many different configurations such as side or top opening, you can give your home the enhanced look you have in mind with our tailored windows solutions.


We’ve got the perfect colour palette ready for you to explore. Do you want your casement windows to look like traditional hardwood frames? Are you going for a bold statement that will add more style to your property or you’ve already settled for that subtle, classic look? From elegant creams to bold greens and warm oak varieties, you can make your casement window frames look just like you’ve always wanted.



Astragal Bars

Offers a traditional finish to your casement windows by planting shaped bars on top of the glass panes thus creating depth to the design and the look of individual glass units.


Sash Mock Horn

Our Mock Horn feature enhances the aesthetics of your casement windows by achieving the appearance of a traditional vertical slider.


Georgian Bars

Allows you to tailor your window casement glazing to create a personal finish for your home. This is achieved by inserting a shaped bar in between the glass panes.


Leaded Glass

A classic British design that fits traditional and older homes perfectly, but equally brings a sense of grandeur to more modern properties.


Ready to suit your home and style, our range of casements window handles options is available in high quality finishes. Choose the colour that matches the character of your home. From the classic white to the subtle black, all the way to shiny shades such as gold and chrome, choose the colour that will match your home’s character.

Also available is our Heritage Range hardware. Leekes ‘Monkey Tail’ design is not only aesthetically pleasing but fully functioning and compatible too. This range perfectly matches casement windows in traditional homes as well as heritage colours.




Set your casement windows apart and add a personal touch with our range of glass designs boasting plenty of styles and various privacy levels. From more obscure patterns designed for that extra privacy to the see-through options such as Warwick and Florielle allowing colours to show through and light to travel into the room.


At Leekes we understand that uPVC windows can be a substantial investment. This is why our casement windows come with a 10 Year Guarantee included in the price along with our 120 years of expertise in home improvements to give you full peace of mind.

For more helpful information to aid you with your decisions and to give you more knowledge about our range of casement windows, explore our product brochures. Or why not get in touch today and a Leekes designer will help you decide the window style and design most appropriate for your home.

For more window material choices, discover our aluminium and timber effect designs. Or visit your nearest showroom and one of our experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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