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Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation South Wales

This South Wales home has been given a conservatory they can enjoy throughout the year thanks to the addition of a Tiled Conservatory Roof. Contact us today to discuss an installation in your property.

A Space to Enjoy Year-Round

By getting a tiled conservatory roof installed on their existing conservatory, the Harrington family will now be able to enjoy it any time of the year. In both the warm summer months and cold winters, this extension can be used. The tiled panels have been manufactured from the finest materials which offer increased heat retention.

Throughout the year, this conservatory will be at a comfortable temperature. This, in turn, will lead to the Harrington’s relying less on their central heating to warm their extension. As a result, they will enjoy lower energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint of their South Wales home.


The glass conservatory roof which the Harrington’s previously had installed on their South Wales conservatory wasn’t performing the protection they needed. Our design offers great weatherproofing. As well as keeping out the wind and rain, this replacement roof will help keep the sometimes harsh sun out of this property.

Our tiled conservatory roof has been manufactured to cope with the wind and snow loads. This means that when it does snow, the Harrington’s can enjoy complete peace of mind their extension is protected.

Customisable Design

The Harrington family took advantage of the customisable nature of the Tiled Conservatory Roof. As well as choosing a charcoal tile for the roof, they decided to incorporate a glazing panel. This glazing panel will allow their conservatory to be flooded with lots of South Wales sunshine. The couple can enjoy the sun and the night sky from the comfort of indoors.

Easy to Install

One benefit of having the Tiled Conservatory Roof installed as a replacement for their glass roof was the installation caused minimal disruption to the Harrington’s day-to-day lives. This roof can be easily incorporated onto existing frames, allowing for a quick and easy installation.

“Very Careful to Avoid Damage”

The installation team was earmarked by the Harrington’s for their care for their surroundings, something we ensure with every installation. They said: “Our conservatory had a glass roof which frequently reached an unbearable temperature. Leekes sent an estimator who gave us a fixed price for a new insulated tiled roof. The fitters covered all the floors, woodwork and were very careful to avoid any damage.

“The exterior roof tiles were chosen to match our bungalow. All of this work has resulted in us being able to use a comfortable room 365 days of the year as the insulation also keeps it much warmer on colder days.

“From start to finish all of the persons employed were professional, efficient and you could not of had a better relationship with them.”

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation South Wales

If you’ve been inspired by the Harrington family’s installation and want to purchase a Tiled Conservatory Roof for your South Wales home, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 03332 224 120 or you can fill out our online contact form.

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