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Orangery Style Conservatory

Featuring a stunning glass roof supported by ornate columns, the Orangery Style Conservatory is a best seller due to it's affordability, superior thermal insulation, and attractive look. 

Incorporating our Loggia narrow columns, Prestige insulating pelmet and LivinLight, our Casa Prestige range addresses the three main heat loss areas in a standard conservatory, and improves not just the look, but the thermal performance and efficiency of your extension.

These features enable the room to remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter, leading to a reduction on heating bills of up to 30% (when compared to a standard conservatory).

*Model only available in sizes: 3x3, 3.5x3, 4x3, 3.5x3.5, 4x3.5 and 4x4. Model is exempt from all other conservatory offers due to the discount available which is only available on this model.


Wall Options

Choosing between dwarf walls or floor to ceiling glass will determine how your conservatory feels and looks from both inside and from your garden. Matching brickwork can be provided to make your conservatory appear part of the original build. Glass will create a lighter, brighter space and there is also always the option to combine glass and walls to create your own desired effect.

1. Brick Dwarf Wall

Dwarf walls offer a great finish and a balance between glazing and masonary to suit any design. The inside wall provide a convenient and practical shelf and additional insulation. 

(2 images showing outside and inside of wall)

2. Full Brick Wall

Creating a full height brick wall on either or both sides of the conservatory can be an option for properties that are adjoining or where space is limited around the build.

3. Glass to Ground

Full glass to ground glazing allows the maximum light to flow in giving the feeling of space whilst connecting your house and garden. Our uPVC frame colours can create a bespoke look to your new build.

Door Options

Connect your indoor and outdoor space, whether your choice is based on practicality or making the most out of your garden, we have the ideal solution.

Personalise your new room

There are thousands of ways you can personalise your conservatory to make the space more comfortable on the inside or impressive from the outside. From lighting to exterior décor, our choice of finishing touches will help make your new space your own personal room. Our stores and website stock thousands of items and options, with expert staff on hand to advise and help you complete the look of your new extension.

Helpful Information

At Leekes we understand that a conservatory project is a substantial investment, for more helpful information to aid you with your decisions and to give you more knowledge about our range, explore inspirations and planning your dream conservatory, along with FAQ’s and product brochures below.

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