Composite Doors

The Leekes range of composite doors offer a stunning selection of designs, from traditional to contemporary, and all available in almost endless combinations of colours and glass designs. Composite doors are also known as GRP (glass reinforced polyester), which is an incredibly durable and energy efficient material, making it ideal for exterior doors. This material retains the aesthetics of real wood without the need for frequent aftercare. Leekes make it easy for you to create the entrance you’re looking for.

Unlike most composite doors, our doors are built to an exact specification for an individual location, governed by the dimensions and requirements taken during the survey of your property.

A high quality laminated timber subframe is constructed to suit the individual slab size. The material has been chosen for its combination of strength, workability and dimensional stability. Strong dovetail joints lock tightly and squarely together ensuring there is no movement during manufacture or in service.

Leekes Stable Door offers the benefits of both a window and a door in one. Opening the top ensures children and pets are safe and secure, while allowing fresh air into your home. High security locks and an effective weather-seal ensure it performs just as well as a standard single door. The lower half also accepts cat and dog flaps making the stable door truly versatile to suit any application and need.

Leekes Door-and-a-half is literally just that - a composite door plus matching hinged side panel. This can be opened up to allow wider access, while the rest of the time appearing as a style door and matching side panel.

Where wide access is required, the Twin Door range, available in six of our most popular styles, combines practicality with cutting-edge style and security. Great for porches, the Twin Door is also suitable for French Door applications to suit all types of home.

The County Collection

The County Collection range of high quality composite, 44m single-rebated GRP doors come in a vast array of styles, colours and glass designs to suit any application. We also offer bespoke options such as stable doors, double doors and our innovative door-and-a-half, which are all available in a wide range of finishes and colours.

Leekes County Collection doors are available in a matching outer frame to our A-rated window system, for consistency within your home, and are specifically designed to compliment Leekes’ 44mm slabs, giving optimum performance along with ease of operation.

Complement your entrance door with matching side panels. Perfect for wider apertures, there are a number of possible combinations from our ranges. Where space allows, side panels enhance darker interiors by increasing light levels and present a smart and co-ordinated appearance to the outside world.

* Secure by design with multi point locks. * 44mm GRP slab in a flush fitting frame. * Triple glazed, fusion tiles and resin bevels to compliment our doors. * Key-less entry available. * low threshold options to suit all situations

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