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Planning Permission

Planning permission can be needed on many jobs, but Leekes take care of this for you. District councils and unitary councils are responsible for writing most local planning policies, and for making decisions on most planning applications. In particular they write the local plan, which forms a major part of the development plan for their area.

Planning applications should conform to this, unless there are good reasons otherwise. Most development needs planning permission, obtained by submitting a planning application. This application should try to conform to the policies in your local plan and any neighbourhood plans in force in your area. It should also take account of national planning guidance issued by the Government.

Once your survey is complete, our team will draw up all necessary plans for your project. If it needs planning, they will submit an application. The only downside is time. All local authorities are slightly different, but most of them take around 8 weeks to make their decision, so don't worry thinking this could be a waste of time. Around 99% of Leekes’ planning applications are successful.


Planning Permission For Garage Conversions

Planning permission is not usually required, providing the work is internal and does not involve enlarging the building. Sometimes permitted development rights have been removed from some properties with regard to garage conversions and therefore you should contact your local planning authority before proceeding, particularly if you live on a new housing development or in a conservation area.

Where work is proposed to a listed building, listed building consent may be required. Once your survey is complete, our team will draw up all necessary plans for your project.

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