5 Ways to Use Your Conservatory

When it comes to deciding how you will use the room, you may already have a few ideas in mind but finding a common ground can often be a task so it’s a good idea to consider the different options.

A home office

If you’re a freelancer or regularly work from home but don’t have room for a fixed working space, your conservatory is a great way to create a home office. When you’re at the stage of deciding on the style of your conservatory, an Edwardian or gable front may be the preferred option as their square floor enables office furniture to have a better fit. It is also important to consider the temperature as they can drop dramatically during autumn and winter months, so investing in a plug-in heater or installing a radiator will be beneficial.

Children’s playroom

With conservatories leading out into the garden, it makes sense to transform the space as a playroom so your child can play both indoors and outdoors. This enables your main living room to be kept for relaxing in, whilst the children have a separate space to enjoy gaming and having fun in. Why not opt for furniture with hidden storage to help you keep the room tidy which is especially important if you’ll be hosting any guests in the conservatory.

A relaxation room

The floor to ceiling glass of a conservatory helps bring the elements of the outdoors in, which makes it the perfect space to relax and unwind. This is especially perfect in the summer and warmer months, so choosing the correct furniture is essential. A recliner chair is perfect as you can sit back after a long day and unwind in the comfort of your own home. In the colder months, why not consider placing scented candles around the room and layering throws and cushions to create a cosy setting.

An extra bedroom

This is a practical way to make the most of your extension as you can either commit to a fully functional bedroom or you can purchase a sofa bed that can be cleared away with ease. It is important to consider the pros and cons as a bedroom will require additional planning such as blinds and heating. These extra thoughts are to ensure your guests are comfortable and the glass walls don’t act as a distraction.

A dining room

Not every home is fortunate enough to have a separate dining room, but you can easily create this with your conservatory. Turning your conservatory into a dining room inspires that al-fresco dining experience. Depending on the size of your conservatory, you may choose to have both a dining and living space which makes it perfect for hosting dinner parties and entertaining guests.

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