Preparing for the summer with Haus Awnings

Haus Awnings are made to measure shading solutions which extend away from the property. They allow homeowners to create the perfect outdoor space which can be used socially all year round. Thanks to the innovative lighting and heating elements, you can relax, socialise and dine all night long without feeling the chill of a summer evening.

Our Haus awnings are incredibly easy to operate for anyone. These designs come with an internal motor, this allows the canopy to retract with a single push of a button. At Leekes, we believe in staying up to date with trends, which is why our awnings come with a smartphone upgrade. Download the Apple or Android to control this awning.

Installing a Haus awning is beneficial to homeowners because it is a cost effective way of transforming how your home looks and feels. Awnings are a fantastic way to expand your living space, without causing a large dent in your wallet by installing a conservatory or orangery. In the warm summer months, when extensions can feel like greenhouses, an awning will provide a welcoming open space, no matter your budget.

Benefits Of Haus Awnings In Summer


Haus awnings are a fantastic renovation option for a range of different property types and homeowner needs. They offer many of the same practical benefits as a veranda or pergola with an elegant, sleek and minimalistic design.

They are especially beneficial in the summer months, offering light and sun protection and sheltering you and your family from rain during tremendous thunderstorms.

Made to Measure and Visually Appealing

We don’t believe in one size fits all purchasing an awning off the shelf as they are often overbearing and not fit for purpose. Our entire Haus awning range is made to measure. Every product we offer customers is designed and manufactured to your exact specifications. You can choose the exact length and width that you feel will suit your outdoor space and lifestyle requirements.

Here at Leekes, we promise a tailored build for every one of our customers. Choose from a range of over 200 frame colours and 150 fabric colours to complement the existing colour scheme of your home and garden or make a bold impact.  

This range of contemporary awnings can be fully retracted, enabling them to stay neat, concealed and not look overbearing when not in use. When being used, you can enjoy a visually appealing, covered area that can be for social gatherings, quiet time with the family or family events all year round, not just when the weather is nice.

Protection From Sunlight


Shade is an essential feature in any garden during the warmer summer months. The innovative design of our Haus Awnings means the weather sensors do all the hard work. These advanced sensors will automatically extend the awning. Enjoy shade when the sun is burning down brightly but when the strong wind appears the awning will automatically retract.

Haus Awnings are an ideal solution if you want an outdoor shader that can create a space that can be used do and night. This is thanks to modern elements like built in, dimmable LED lighting and radio controlled infrared heating.

Provides Shelter From the Rain

The summer rain and drizzle British summers have become famous for can prove to be troublesome if you and your family want to be outside. How many social gatherings and barbecues have been cut short early and ruined by poor British weather conditions?

One of our awning solutions can help to protect yourself and your guests from any rain which may be coming your way. Depending on the size of awning you opt for, your new investment will not only be able to protect friends and families, but your outdoor furniture as well.

Our awnings are crafted using a hard-wearing weather resistant fabric which will make them a fantastic investment for homeowners. This allows you to use your garden space more, stopping your social life become dictated by the weather.

Extends your living space

Adding an awning to your garden, patio or decking space can extend your living space. Enjoy light protection and shelter from the elements, making an awning the perfect mix of garden and extension.

Awnings are also an ideal way for protecting garden furniture. You will be able to place chairs, tables or outdoor sofas beneath it without worrying about it. You can leave your furniture out for long periods of time without worrying the weather will damage it.

To get a price for one of our Haus awnings, you’ll need to get in touch with us directly. Leave your details and your specifications in our online contact form, and we’ll get in touch.

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