Stay Cool With Bifold Doors This Summer

Bifold doors are a popular choice with so many homeowners and designers alike as they allow an abundance of natural light to enter your home whilst still offering privacy. Opening up your home this way encourages children to go outside and play in the summer weather, creates the perfect atmosphere for al-fresco dining with friends and family and is the ideal setting for summer barbecues. At Leekes, our bifold doors are developed through more options that attain attractive, cost effective and thermally efficient factors.These are the main benefits of bifold doors.

Low maintenance

Bifold doors that are finished with an aluminium frame are a very popular option as they are durable and low maintenance. Just a gentle wash-down on an occasional basis will ensure your bifold doors are clean, plus just a dash of oil will keep the tracks and locks on your bifold door operating smoothly.

Natural light

Bifold doors are a brilliant way for you to bring in more natural light into your home. Aluminium frames are generally slimmer than timber or UPVC frames which enables larger panes of glass to be used and in return this lets in more light and provides a wider view of your garden. 


Bifold doors are built to neatly fold to one or both sides when open to provide access for people to move freely from inside to outside with great ease. This also allows you to blend your outdoor and indoor space which enhances garden parties, outdoor dining and any other summer activities you may be hosting.

Remember to include an access door as they operate just like contemporary doors and this means you can simply open one leaf of the door whenever you need quick access. 

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