What are Composite Doors?

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The history of the front door in the UK is one of changing materials. Traditionally, front and back doors were made from timber in the UK. Timber has natural insulation properties, keeping the heat in the home throughout the winter. In more recent years, the rise of uPVC has caused timber to slowly move out of fashion due to uPVC’s matching insulation properties but lower maintenance needs and lower installation costs. However, modern innovations have brought about a new kind of door. One that combines the properties of uPVC and timber, along with fibreglass. The modern composite door is quickly becoming the most popular option for homeowners for entranceways. But what exactly is a composite door?

What are Composite Doors Made of?

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As shown by the name, composite doors are made of a composition of materials. A mix of fibreglass and uPVC surrounds a timber core. The timber core provides most insulation whilst the alternative modern materials provide the door with durability and reinforcement. As a result, the composite door is one of the best thermally insulated products on the market. It is also one of the most robust! Composite doors are purposefully designed to address the other materials’ issues when used separately. These issues include weather fading, constant maintenance and degradation over time. The composite front door is the most advanced on the market using these materials together.

High Levels of Thermal Insulation

The timber core provides exceptional levels of thermal insulation for the home. By having this reinforced with the other materials, heat cannot escape through the front door when it is secured. As a result, a modern composite door has the potential to save homeowners significant amounts of money on their energy bills. UK houses are notorious for their problems with leaking heat due to older builds that haven’t been updated. By updating the front door to composite door, homeowners bring their home’s energy needs to the 21st century. High levels of thermal insulation ensure they are not spending any more than they need to on bills. Furthermore, by reducing the heating time, homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint and stay warm with a clear conscience. 

Increased Security

The reinforced materials used in composite doors production result in an extremely tough and robust entranceway. When closed, the door is practically impact-proof, ensuring that potential intruders are unable to bash their way through. This level of reinforcement provides the homeowner with an increased level of security in their home, something that is always paramount. In addition, composite doors can last for an exceptionally long time, outperforming most materials in this aspect because of the drastically increased strength of materials. The materials’ natural toughness gives composite doors an expected lifespan of around 30 years if properly maintained. This natural toughness also results in composite doors requiring remarkably low maintenance. Warm soapy water and a damp cloth once a month are required to keep a composite door in peak condition. When regularly tended in this way, composite doors have the potential to last for decades.

Composite Doors at Leekes

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Here at Leekes, we are proud to offer a variety of composite doors for your home. Our doors are specifically designed with security in mind. Our suppliers use a 48mm solid timber core, which is significantly thicker than other models on the market. Our composite doors are extremely robust and resistant to damage reducing the risk of break-in and providing you and your family with a heightened level of security for your home.

The larger core does not just provide security benefits, however. The heat retention properties of our composite doors are unmatched on the market. The larger core allows for significantly more heat retained within the home, improving thermal insulation. This improved level of thermal insulation keeps your home warm throughout the winter. It keeps heat out during the summer months. As a result, the thermal efficiency of your home drastically increases, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and saving you money on energy bills throughout the year.

Finally, the larger core provides exceptional acoustic insulation for your home. High levels of acoustic insulation ensure that you can be as loud as you would like to be. No noise will escape through your door, something a thinner and less robust door would be unable to provide. Furthermore, noise levels from outside are not as noticeable, allowing you to relax in your home without being disturbed by the comings and goings of the outside world. 

We offer a plethora of customisation options for our composite doors to ensure that you receive high-quality security for your home and improve your home’s curb appeal. Using the engine on our website, you can get a free quote today for your brand new, weatherproof composite door. The extended lifespan of composite doors make them a superb investment for your home, so get your quote today! If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us.

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