What Colours Do Bifold Doors Come In?

Here at Leekes, we offer a wide selection of bifold doors for your property. Bifold doors are very popular because of their unique style, which folds out like a concertina. This is ideal for an exterior setting which gives your home plenty of natural light. And it is a great way for social events as they create a strong connection between your home and garden.

Our bifold doors are available in a range of materials, including aluminium and uPVC, and that’s before deciding what colour they come in. We will give you an insight into some of the colours, which will make your choice much easier.

aluminium doors and windows tumble

We offer plenty of aluminium bifold doors for your home. Aluminium doors come in a made to measure fit, so whatever size door you have, we can fit it for you. Choose from colours such as Pearl Opal Green, Brown Red, and Cobalt Blue. This adds a dash of personality to your home because it will create a strong first impression. We understand that a door is the first thing a visitor will see, so there are plenty of colours to help you stand out from the crowd.

The colours on our aluminium bifold doors will never fade because they will benefit from a weatherproof design. This allows them to stand firm for longer as a result. The bifold doors also come in a white frame, which is low maintenance, easy to clean, and gives an attractive aura that boosts your home’s kerb appeal. If you are looking for a natural colour, grey is an ideal option, too, because it is a good blend between being inoffensive and non-conformist. As a result, it will blend perfectly into your home. A grey choice for your bifold door is perfect for adding a modern feel to your period property. What’s more, grey doesn’t show off dirt and dust as much in comparison to a white bifold door. Being an on trend colour, it gives your home a stylish appeal inside and out.  

Alternatively, go for a Black bifold door which makes a statement in itself because it is a dark colour that draws you in straight away.  Additionally, it blends in with more natural colours such as green and blue, giving your home a contrasting feel. 

You might want to bring out a natural looking door by instilling an Oak bifold door. This is ideal if you are looking for something that represents the countryside, while it gives an outstanding first impression. It is even ideal for smaller spaces because it creates a seamless connection between your home and nature. They add a rustic, timeless look to your kitchen or dining area. This colour is easy to blend in with your home, so it will raise its market value and kerb appeal.

We also sell uPVC bifold doors, which come in an assortment of colours to choose from. They are useful against tough weather conditions because they come in a selection of powdered colours that stay durable for much longer.  If the doors get dirty or experience mould spots, they are very easy to clean because all you need to do is wipe them with a damp cloth, and it looks as good as new.  uPVC mainly comes in white, which is easy to maintain, and it will match your uPVC windows, which are also white.

If you choose a white uPVC door for your property, one of the key benefits is that it creates the illusion of a bigger space. It will enhance your home’s kerb appeal, increasing its value. Not only that, but it blends in with any home décor, making it a versatile colour to consider.

Our uPVC doors’ colours include Chartwell Green, Irish Oak, and Steel Blue, each giving you a unique modern performance for your home. They will stay strong against intruders and tough weather conditions for years to come, offering you an outstanding performance.

We hope this article has helped you understand all the different colours that come with our bifold doors. With many choices on offer, they will help enhance your home’s personality in the long term and increase its market value. For more information, get in contact with Leekes today, and our friendly team will give you advice on what colour to choose from. Give us a ring on 0800 038 5355 or fill our online contact form out.

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