What makes uPVC Windows so Popular?

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, otherwise known as uPVC, is low maintenance, strong, lightweight synthetic plastic material. uPVC was first produced in 1935. Composed of liquid vinyl chloride, ethylene and chlorine, that material is unplasticised – meaning that it has not been softened with additional plasticising chemicals. Various additives are added to help with resistance to UV and heat to retain its colour and strength in the face of the elements. As a result, uPVC is suitable for use as a material for exterior units such as windows and doors. 


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uPVC windows have become exceedingly popular over the last few years. Among the reasons for this is the material’s renowned durability. The process of manufacturing results in a window frame that will last from anywhere between 20-35 years without any issues. As the material is synthetic, no bio elements are present within the composition. As a result, uPVC windows are incredibly resistant to water damage. By comparison, traditional timber windows are vulnerable to rot and mould development within the wood. Modern innovations have circumvented this with various seals and resins; the cost of incorporating weather resistance into timber results in a much more expensive window frame. As uPVC window materials have been designed with this in mind, there is no need to add anything to them – keeping the cost down whilst retaining durability.

Along with its natural resilience comes an excellent level of security with uPVC windows. The materials’ tough nature makes it an extremely reliable option against potential threats against the home. The vast majority of uPVC windows incorporate locking systems around the sash and the frame to ensure that they are not opened easily from the outside. Furthermore, the material is tough enough to resist force and is not easily broken once installed. Therefore, homeowners with uPVC windows can sleep comfortably in their homes, knowing that they are protected from the outside.

Furthermore, uPVC windows require almost zero maintenance throughout their lifespan. The material is naturally resistant to dust and dirt. Subsequently, when the window frame does become dirty, all it takes is a quick wipe with a wet cloth to remove any build-up and have your uPVC windows looking good as new! Homeowners love the ‘fit and forget’ nature of uPVC windows, which has added greatly to their popularity.

Thermal Efficiency

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Among the rankings of thermal efficiency, uPVC ranks very highly. Compared to metal frames, such as aluminium, uPVC is much better insulation. uPVC does not conduct heat at all, whereas metal frames do. Therefore, no heat is lost out of the house through the window frame. Furthermore, as uPVC windows are double glazed as standard, heat is kept within the home throughout the winter and heat is kept out during the summer. As a result, the money saved throughout the year on homeowners’ bills is a massive benefit and another reason why uPVC is the most popular window building material in the UK.


Whilst plastic is generally considered to harm the environment, modern innovations have ensured that certain materials are used sustainably. uPVC is one of these materials. Among construction plastics, uPVC is one of the most sustainable across the board. Unlike PVC, the unplasticised variant is fully recyclable and repurposed into new uses. At high temperatures, uPVC can be melted down and reshaped for a new purpose several times without losing quality or deteriorating performance. As a result, even when uPVC windows do reach the end of their lifespan, they can be recycled and remade, providing potentially hundreds of years of use.


However, the number one reason that uPVC windows are as popular is the low price point that comes with these excellent features. Compared to aluminium and timber, uPVC offers many of the same benefits and advantages whilst being a much cheaper and more cost-effective choice. uPVC windows are remarkably cheap to manufacture and are fitted with double glazing as standard. Therefore, when comparing uPVC to timber and aluminium, homeowners are often surprised by how much more cost-effective their uPVC windows are than other materials.

uPVC Windows at Leekes Windows

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Here at Leekes Windows, we offer various types of uPVC windows to ensure that our customers have the kind of window they want for their homes. Among these are our uPVC Casement Windows, Flush Casement Windows, French Casement Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows and Sliding Sash Windows. All are made with high-quality uPVC that is recyclable and energy-efficient. This recyclability and energy efficiency ensures that homeowners concerned about their impact on the environment can be assured that their windows are sustainable and thermally efficient. In addition, their windows are remarkably durable and low maintenance, providing a fit and forget installation. Finally, all of this comes at an affordable price that is cost-effective to the future of the home.

Leekes Windows are proud to provide a variety of uPVC windows. Use our engine here on our website to get your free quote today! Furthermore, feel free to contact us with any information or questions you may have.

We look forward to working with you.

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