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Electric Window Blinds

ULTRA Smart Window Blinds

Control at the touch of a button

ULTRA is the new standard in powered window blinds for the contemporary, automated home ULTRA wire-free power blinds offer you state-of-the-art remote controlled blinds at a surprisingly reasonable price, as well as control at the touch of a button.

The streamlined ULTRA system is neat, easy-to-use… and hardly noticeable. The blinds require no access to mains electricity, so there is no need to install plastic trunking to hide wires.
Instead, a quiet motor and a slim powerpack will give 12 months’ use (under normal operating conditions) before simply being recharged like a mobile phone battery. Alternatively, you can opt for a small solar panel to continuously charge the powerpack. ULTRA power blinds have no hanging cords or chains to spoil the look of your window and are fully child-safe.

The leading-edge technology of ULTRA wire-free powered window blinds gives you the control you
want. With ULTRA blinds, you have control at your fingertips: hand-held or wall-mounted remote controls allow you to adjust individual blinds or operate groups of them – even lower or raise all the shades in your home at once. Alternatively, you can opt for a programmable device with a range of options:

  • Timer – opens and closes the blinds depending upon the time of day.
  • Temperature sensor – automatically lowers the blinds when the room gets too hot.
  • Light sensor – a small sensor mounted on the window triggers the blinds, protecting the room and its contents from the damaging effects of the sunlight.

Appeal at Leekes offer you a wide selection of colours, styles and exclusive fabrics. As well as blinds for you'll also find the perfect solutions for bi-fold doors, large glazed areas or awkwardly shaped windows.

Your local Design Consultant will help you choose the perfect style and finish, our surveyors will meticulously measure the exact dimensions. Your blinds will then be handcrafted to your individual specifications and following final quality checks, fitted perfectly in your home by our expert installers.

And for your complete peace of mind, your beautiful bespoke Appeal blinds are all backed by a 5 year



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