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Replacement Roofs FAQ

An existing conservatory with doors into the house is ‘exempt’ from Building Regulations but changing the roof to a solid one means that Building Regulations now apply. Don’t worry, Leekes will take care of everything and this is all included in our service and price.

Yes indeed, you can choose from high performance sealed units or LivinROOF is the most configurable solid roof on the market this means it can adapt to all the shapes and styles of conservatory out in the market.

Not really, as LivinROOF has a weight of only 25kg/m2. We will assess the existing base and window frames to ensure they are capable of taking this extra loading. If there is any doubt we will advise of the correct solutions and costs. UltraRoof380 with its authentic slate finish weighs a little more but it is still an option. 

It is perfectly feasible to change simple designs in the course of one day - plaster boarding and skimming - if a solid roof - would then take place over the next day or so. We will protect any existing finishes during the project.

In England and Wales, we work with an approved inspector organisation called jhai. They ensure the necessary procedures are followed and issue a completion certificate for you, which you can file with the deeds to your property. In other regions of the UK, other arrangements are in place. 

UltraRoof380 and LivinROOF are much lighter than other replacement roofs and not much heavier than a glass roof. This often enables the original window frames to be used providing a saving to the home-owner if required.

LivinROOF and UltraRoof380* has the option to have inserted in virtually any position glazed panels to allow light into the existing home. 
*Rectangular panels only in UltraRoof380.

Suspending pendant lights at the highest point of the vaulted ceiling is no issue as there are structural braces inside the plasterboard to take the weight of the lights. And spotlights can fit naturally into the 300mm deep pelmet that runs around the perimeter - this can even be varied to make this pelmet even more pronounced.

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