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Glass Roof

A replacement glass roof is far more durable and stronger than polycarbonate and is more affordable compared to our solid roof options. Advances in technology have made glass an exceptional choice and it has transformed older conservatories into practical and all year round rooms within your home.

Our glass sealed units are made using 4mm toughened glass, 16mm gas filled cavity/spacer and then 4mm toughened glass. A high performance glass roof allows a plentiful supply of natural light to come into your home whilst still being protected from the elements. Conservatory roof manufacturing technology has completely evolved during the last few decades as a result of increased investment and demand for new roofing options.

Advances in glass technology mean that your conservatory becomes more of a usable room all year round due to the thermal and anti glare protection new glass technologies can offer. A glazing material that deflects heat from the sun in the Summer and retains the warmth from heating appliances in the Winter is essential.

Glass Outer Leaf
This is the appearance of the glass and the discreet tint colour that is only apparent in certain lights.

Cavity Fill
All roof units are 4-16-4 toughened, argon gas filled and come with a warm edge spacer as standard for better winter comfort.

Glass Inner Leaf
4 Seasons glass has been specifically designed to withstand the changing temperatures and the stress that comes with intense heat or extreme cold and storms. All units are 4S as standard which is the highest performing glass on the market.    

U Value
For roof glass, the aim is to have a ‘U’ Value as low as possible, typically as low as 1.0 is possible in double glazed units.

Solar Reduction
The percentage indicates the proportion of the suns energy that is rejected, so the higher the percentage the better.

Self Cleaning
The best high performance units use the energy of the sun to burn off organic deposits like bird droppings and fingerprints whilst the smooth coating allows water to run off the surface, cleaning the dust and debris as it flows.

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