Windows Frequently Asked Questions

No, if you’re not sure where to start, our sales designers can help you to narrow down what it is available and within your budget and work with you on creating your perfect choice, from this we can give you a detailed price for your project. Simply book a quote for one of our designers to discuss this with you further.

According to the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) an 8 window house could save approximately £5,098.41 over a 25 year period, this works out as roughly 150% return on the original investment of the windows.

Our standard colours reflect the most popular choices by our customers, but it is possible to have any RAL colour for your windows, ask one of our sales designers for more information about bespoke colours.

Every window is built to the measurements of your existing frames, there are a huge range of standard sizes that we have available, we can also provide custom sizes to fit such as arched frames, or larger spaces. 

There is no ‘bulk buy’ discount in getting the whole house done at once, so if it works for you to do this in stages then this is fine. The only issue in doing this may be that a specific offer running at the time may not be available when you do the rest of the house, so when possible it is best to order all of the windows you need at the same time so you have the benefit of the full offer. Prices are also subject to change due to market conditions. 

The Government approved Window Energy Ratings scheme rates windows on a an energy efficiency scale from A+ to the lowest rating of G being the lowest. The current building regulations concerning the energy efficiency of homes require that windows are a minimum of band C. Many companies due to this may provide B or C rated frames however Leekes provide a minimum or A rated on any window meaning you are getting an exceptional performing window at a competitive price.

It is possible to have double glazed wooden windows, however we would advise against this if you have not considered the regular maintenance needed to look after them. Wooden windows will need regular treatment to stop them from rotting and warping in bad weather. They will need regular painting as well due to weathering They are also an expensive option and this regular maintenance will add to this, our alternatives will also far outperform wood when keeping your house insulated and secure. For a traditional properties, our range of woodgrain foils on uPVC look fantastic, or for a higher budget timber effect and aluminium also compliment older properties.