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The tilt and turn windows have earned a well-deserved top spot in homeowners’ preferences for new window installations. Their unique dual opening system is so easy to use and it removes plenty of the drawbacks you might encounter with traditional window styles. Turn the handle once and the window will tilt slightly to allow easy ventilation. Turn the handle twice and you’ll get a wide open window that can be just as easily cleaned on the outside as on the inside. Combining both security and practicality, the tilt and turn windows are the popular choice unlikely to go out of favour anytime soon.


Easy Ventilation: If you want easy ventilation that will allow plenty of air into the room without compromising on security, the tilt and turn windows’ flexibility will truly make a difference in your home. You can adjust the opening angle so you can get plenty of fresh air in the summer while keeping the chills out in the winter by keeping the window only slightly open. And when the rainy season comes, you can still ventilate the rooms as usual. The tilt and turn windows will give rain a hard time getting into the house.

Easy Maintenance: Cleaning windows is not the simplest house chore. It usually involves ladders or leaning outside the window. Tilt and turn windows are designed to be fully opened into the house so when you need to clean the glass you can do it just as easily for both the inside and the outside of your window.

Double or Triple Glazing: The tilt and turn windows will insulate your home from heat, cold and sound. Whether you choose double or triple glazing, we guarantee your new windows will work hard to keep your home the comfortable haven you hope for.

Safety & Security: Tilt windows allow you to properly ventilate your home without the dangers of having a wide open window posing unnecessary risks for children or pets. By slightly tilting the window you can allow air to flow into the room while keeping everyone safe. The tilt and turn windows can also be fully opened to give your home a fire escape solution in emergency situations.

Built to Your Specification: Whatever style or dimensions you need, our tilt and turn windows can be designed to match any property. Just give us your measurements and we’ll give you the tailored window solution perfectly matching your home.


The tilt windows are available in a number of design options ready to blend in perfectly with the style of your home. Make your windows unique or simply add some finishing touches to complement the existing look of your home. Our tilt and turn windows are available with a variety of glazing options which also include leaded and obscure glass. With our tilt windows you are never short of ways to achieve the perfect design for your home.

Astragal Bars

If you prefer traditional finishes, the Astragal bars are the ideal touch for tilt and turn windows. The shaped bars on top of the glass panes create depth and give the effect of multiple panes of glass.

Georgian Bars

Tailor your tilt and turn window glazing to create a personal finish for your home. The bars are inserted in between the glass panes to give your home the character and appearance of a Georgian house.


Our durable finishes come in diverse shades designed to match your home’s personality. Make your tilt and turn window look just like you’ve always wanted. Add a bold style or go for a subtle, classic look. The choice is yours and it expands from elegant creams to warm oak varieties and eye-catching greens.


At Leekes we understand that tilt and turn windows can be a substantial investment. This is why our tilt windows come with a 10 Year Guarantee included in the price along with our 120 years of expertise in home improvements to give you full peace of mind.

For more helpful information to aid you with your decisions and to give you more knowledge about our range of tilt and turn windows, explore our product brochures. Or why not get in touch today and a Leekes designer will help you decide the window style and design most appropriate for your home.

For more windows options, discover our uPVC and Timber Effect designs. Or visit your nearest showroom and one of our experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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