The Versatility of our High-Quality Double Glazing

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In the modern era of home design, double glazing has become the standard across houses in the UK. And it’s a good job, too, because of just how much better double glazing is than its single glazing counterpart from yesteryear. Here at Leekes, we look back on the times of single glazing with horror at just how much less secure our homes used to be! Not just that either, our homes used to be so much colder during the winter and so much hotter during the summer. British period homes are particularly notorious for thermal leaking because of their single glazing and degrading timber installations. Whilst timber is an excellent insulator, the degradation of the material does provide problems, particularly if those homes were built some time ago. Luckily, double glazing today is incredibly affordable for homes that are yet to upgrade! Here at Leekes Windows, we wanted to focus on the double glazing we provide and show you just how much of a difference it could make to your home. 

Double glazing in our Windows

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As mentioned, double glazing has become a standard across home improvements since the 1980s. With the advent of uPVC as the modern material to use that would come to replace timber and aluminium, double glazing came right along with that as the modern way to install new windows in our homes. With double glazing, your home can experience the modern era of thermal efficiency. Double glazing features two panes of glass with a gap between them that is often filled with Argon gas or is kept as a vacuum. This gap prevents the two panes of glass on opposite sides of the windows from coming into contact and allows thermal energy to pass through them. With a single glazed window, thermal energy passes from the warm inside to the outside relatively easily, keeping your home from remaining at a comfortable, warm temperature in the winter.

Similarly, in the summer, when the air is hotter on the outside, it isn’t easy to keep that heat out with single glazing. All of this can result in much lower thermal efficiency for your home, which results in you spending much more money on your energy bills than you need to! With energy bills currently on the rise as they are, it is the perfect time to invest in double glazed windows.

Double Glazing in our Doors

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As double glazing has become popular in windows, it has also become popular in our doors. Whether they be front doors, sliding back doors, bifold doors or french doors – double glazing has become the standard across the lot. Double glazing provides much more heightened security for all of these products than single glazing ever did. One pane of glass is relatively easy to breakthrough. I’m sure we’ve all seen a wayward football in our time fly into someone’s home, much to everyone’s horror. With a single glazed window, it really can be as easy as that to smash through, especially if the windows were installed some time ago. This can be incredibly concerning to someone who has single glazing installed on their doors. It provides a serious security risk that is easily rectified with double glazing installation. With double glazed doors, the two panes plus the vacuum or layer of gas between them make these doors incredibly difficult to break through. Potential intruders need to use excessive force for even a hope of getting through, and so most won’t even bother with a home that has double glazing because it is too much trouble. With double glazing installed on your doors, you can rest easy knowing you and your family are protected.

Double Glazing from Leekes

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Here at Leekes Windows, we provide double glazing across all of our products, including windows, doors, conservatories, extensions and conservatory roofs. If you’re looking for a uPVC tilt and turn window, a uPVC french door or a lean-to conservatory, you can expect high-quality double glazing across all. We cover areas across the south of Wales and the West of England and are happy to provide all of our customers with only the highest quality double glazing. We also offer a variety of other products, including HAUS awnings, electric blinds and insect screens! Whatever it is you’re looking for, Leekes Windows has got you covered.

If you’re interested in our versatile and high-quality double glazing across our range of products, why not start a free quote today! Our online quoting engine can provide you with a no-obligation and accurate price within minutes! Just follow the step by step process, and you can get a strong idea of how much money you can save with us! If you have any specific questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact us through our online contact form, and one of our excellent team will get back to you quickly and efficiently. You can also reach us by phone on 0800 0385355.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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