Top 5 Tips for Conservatories

Conservatories can double up as dining rooms, sitting rooms, playrooms and even home offices. The most important factor to remember is that your conservatory is properly equipped for extreme measures of temperature, as it is possible to make your conservatory suitable for all seasons. 

Tip 1

Conservatories are typically placed at the back of the house, but you may prefer to put yours at the side if there’s a suitable space. It’s important to remember where you position your conservatory determines how usable it is, so consider how the sun moves across your garden during the day. An east-facing conservatory will get morning sun, whereas a west-facing conservatory will be considerably cooler in the morning but attain more heat towards the afternoon and the end of the day. Conservatories that face north will receive sun first thing in the morning which makes them perfect for hot days as they won’t overheat. However, it’s important to bear in mind that they get extremely cold during the winter. Conservatories that face south trap the sun and they will get extremely warm on a hot, summers day. 

Tip 2

Efficient heating and cooling systems are essentials to make the most of your conservatory. Electric underfloor heating can be a great solution as they evenly distribute warmth that radiates upwards, and they’re also ideal when there’s no room for radiators and portable heaters. 

Tip 3

While most conservatory builds do not require planning permission, it’s ideal to check whether you will need one just in case. Typically, you’re likely to require planning permission if your conservatory will cover more than half the area of land or if the conservatory roof will exceed the highest point of your house.

Tip 4

Blinds are essential when providing privacy, but they also play a part in helping to insulate a conservatory during colder months, as well as keeping it cool in the warmer days. Blinds also reduce glare and prevent your furniture from losing their colour and fading in the sun.

Tip 5

The material of your conservatory is an important aspect to thoroughly consider, especially if you’re working on a budget. UPVC is the ideal choice as they’re affordable and require very little maintenance. Whereas conservatories made of aluminium and wood are durable and versatile, but can be very costly, especially as wooden conservatories are natural which makes them a little more high maintenance. 

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