French Doors V Patio Doors: Which Door is for Me?

French Doors and Patio Doors are two of the most popular back door profiles installed in homes across Wales and the West of England. However, it can be difficult to differentiate between the two door profiles. That’s why the team at Leekes has made this advice article to help you choose which door profile is the best for your property.

The main difference between French Doors and Patio Doors is how they open. French Doors swing on hinges, opening inwards or outwards. Patio Doors slide on a track along the wall. Both incorporate large panes of glazing, flooding your home with natural light. Both doors also offer varying features and benefits.

What Space Do You Have Available?

The first factor to consider when choosing between French or Patio Doors is what space you have available. As French Doors swing outwards or inwards, space will be required within your South Wales or West of England home to allow for this. Patio doors, however, are the perfect back door for homes where space is limited. These doors open side-to-side instead of inwards or outwards, allowing you to make full use of the space within your property.

French Doors v Patio Doors: Which Door is for Me?

How Big Did You Want the Doors?

The size of the door is a contributing factor to choosing between French and Patio Doors. Patio Doors provide the South Wales with a wide entrance or exit and can be made to fit any size. These doors simply glide on tracks without the need for a clear area of space around them.

French Doors, although offer a wide entrance, do not offer as much as the patio design. These doors also require a large amount of space to open or close the door. These doors are perfect for smaller spaces.

Do You Want an Obstructed View?

If you’re looking to make the most of your garden, the choice between French Doors and Patio Doors is key. Both doors accommodate large panes of glazing. Through investing in the patio door, you can enjoy panoramic views of your garden throughout the year through a large wall of glass. These doors have a static frame, however.

French Doors are manufactured with a floating mullion. This offers an unobstructed view to the South Wales homeowner when open, allowing for great levels of ventilation and views. Even when open, you won’t be left with unsightly frames.

French Doors v Patio Doors

French Door & Patio Door Prices

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