How to Prevent Condensation in My Conservatory?

We all like using our conservatories in the summer, but when it gets to the colder weather, the story couldn’t be more different. As the temperatures drop, conservatories can be at risk from condensation. Unless you wipe it away, the only way to avoid condensation is to ventilate your conservatory or invest in a dehumidifier. Neither option offers a long-term solution to the homeowner, with the former leading to higher energy bills.
That’s why the team at Leekes has put together this advice article on How You Can Prevent Condensation in your Conservatory.

How to Prevent Condensation in My Conservatory?

Why Does Condensation Build Up?

When installed, your conservatory is air and watertight and will trap in pockets of warm air into your property. If it hasn’t been ventilated properly, as the temperature drops outside, warm water vapour builds up, turning into a liquid as it touches the surface. Although if left it can dry, condensation can cause costly damage to your property. Untreated condensation can lead to mould, which can damage fabrics and have a negative effect on your family home and health.

Day-to-day activities will produce water vapour, and even breathing from the homeowner contributes. Cooking, cleaning and drying clothes can lead to condensation. Every day the air saturates until it reaches the dew point, whereby it is turned back to moisture. In cold winters, this tends to be the window or the door of your conservatory.

prevent condensation build up

How to Prevent Condensation Build-Up?

Through following these tips, you can prevent the amount of condensation that builds-up in your home.

Ventilate Your Conservatory

This option provides the best way to prevent condensation build-up. Although it may seem a counterproductive idea to leave windows open when the weather is cold, the results pay off. By leaving windows slightly open for a few hours per day, it allows air to circulate around the room. Leaving the door that connects your home to your conservatory open will also reduce the risk.

Prevent Condensation in Your Conservatory

Use Appliances Sensibly

Using your appliances in a sensible way can have an effect. If cooking, using a cooker hood will draw in any steam given off during the process. By venting tumble dryers outside (if you can), you can prevent condensation build-up within your home. Even keeping your South Wales home warm can prevent condensation build-up on your property.

Sensible Clothes Drying

Don’t dry any wet clothes in the conservatory. This will lead to higher moisture levels, which could lead to more condensation within your home.

Prevent Condensation in your Conservatory

Don’t Cover Your Window

By covering a window with a blind or curtain, you will trap moisture against the window. By having them open, you’ll allow for airflow within your property, reducing the risk of condensation.

 Use Decorative Plants Sensibly

Though plants may be a great addition to a conservatory or extension, it has the potential to increase the condensation within your conservatory. These plants produce moisture, so in the winter, it may be beneficial to place your plants outside. 

Prevent Condensation in your Home

Condensation Catchers

For South Wales homeowners that don’t want to spend a lot of money, condensation catchers are the perfect alternative. Condensation catchers remove dampness that is caused by humidity. This will not only prevent bad odours but also prevent mould.

Trickle Vents

Investing in trickle vents within your conservatory is an effective way of preventing condensation within your property. If you want to invest in a new conservatory, trickle vents slot at the top of the window or door. This allows the homeowner to open and close the vent, letting air flow into the property. 

Reduce Condensation Build-up In Your Conservatory

New Conservatory or Double Glazing Products

If your conservatory is really old or uses single glazing, now may be the time to breathe life back into it. You can update the windows and doors within the design, using our modern uPVC and aluminium profiles. These profiles are multi-chambered or thermally broken and work alongside the panes of glazing to keep the space warm year-round. The airtight design also helps to prevent condensation build-up.

Or why not fully replace your conservatory and give yourself a new extension you can enjoy. You can choose from a variety of styles that perfectly complement the build of your South Wales home. Equally, our orangeries and house extensions are the perfect upgrade, giving you more of a space that can be used throughout the year. Using more brick than uPVC, this will help to reduce condensation build-up.

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